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A fisherman, holding the tuna, teases the hungry fish and counts up to three before hurling it into the water.

But even he and his friend - who recorded the incident on camera - were taken aback by the speed and ferocity.

In the video the pair can be heard laughing in shock and surprise, as the previously calm waters churn into froth.

As the fish compete for a piece of the tuna, the water turns white with tinges of red - a sign it was eaten pretty quickly.

This terrifying video shows a group of carnivorous gigantic Trevally fish devouring a whole tuna within seconds.

In the clip, the predators can be seen circling beneath the boat as if they know what is coming next.

Research into Sri Yukteswar’s explanation is being conducted by the Binary Research Institute.


Remember that the botanical counterpart of a phylum is called a division.

Unicellular animals (called protozoans) are usually placed in the kingdom Protista along with the divisions of unicellular and multicellular algae.

True multicellular animals are typically without cellulose cell walls and photosynthetic pigments, and they form diploid embryos developing from a blastula stage.

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