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This plugins means they not waiting long as I quickly get an email telling me that there is someone waiting.

Anyone have any plugins they are using for cache or speeding up their site? The load time when first trying to access the site is long. Ran GTmetrix again and got the following results...

Please visit, especially if you've decided to set your spirit free, and date outside of your known religion. Adventists * Astrological and Love Cards * Agnostics, Atheists, Skeptics * Arab and Muslim * Buddhist * Catholic * Christian * Unique, Handicapable, Physical and Mental Specialness and Challenges * Hindu/Asian/Indian/Pakistani/ and Sikh * Jewish * Later Day Saints/Mormons * Ages Specific * Health/Fitness * Outside USA * General Spiritual Dating Sites * Large General Dating Sites with Spiritual Searches * Native American * Vegetarian and Green/Eco Living * Wiccan Because of my understanding of reincarnation, I do not completely connect with the often held concept of "soul-mates" or "twin flames" as an infinitely lasting relationship.

That is a hard concept to fathom, considering that we might have thousands of lifetimes to live as continued spirits, and we wouldn't learn as much if we were always with the same people.

It is in conflict with the concepts of the Study Group, to me.

But I do believe that for this lifetime, and perhaps a few lifetimes, there may be mates who are right for us, for whatever lessons we are to experience on this plane.

Other packages like boonex etc had a plug info about . HOWEVER webmaster have been asking not for 5 week, or 5 months BUT OVER 5 YEARS!



I have had this package for about 4 months now, and I have had several packages in the past. HOWEVER there are some real issues, there has been request to fix uploaded photos that are sideways or upside down.827 titles relating peoples singles on pof send americans who have visited the site or the information that provided to a bank and create a free dating.


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    Another important finding of this study was that when researchers examined the level of marital happiness and satisfaction, the happier couples had the most similar personalities, though not necessarily similar attitudes.

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