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Now, the advent of DSLR cameras and infrared sensors has drastically upgraded the output of camera traps, resulting in beautiful high-resolution images and videos, which scientists and their sponsoring organizations can use to draw attention to research and conservation efforts while fulfilling the public’s need for up-close-and-personal footage of wild animals.

For those of you either curious or nostalgic about Belgrade, here are 4 live street cams placed on different locations of the "White City" - and 3 of them you can even control up and down, left and right and zoom in and out. camera is placed on Terazije, facing towards hotel Moskva. I believe that in a clear day you can even spot Hram Svetog Save at the far background :)Now, the controlable cams!

This show has been performed using as many as fifteen musicians and dancers to a solo show using foot rhythms and looping technology .

The music is a seamless blending of traditional fiddle tunes with blues and jazz sensibilities flavored with the sounds of the gypsy trail .

The company took Fishcam represents the Web 1.0 roots of animal livestreams, and more sophisticated descendants have proliferated exponentially as high-speed internet, streaming services, and camera technology have made sending a live feed of your puppies/pandas/octopuses/badgers/sea otters incredibly simple and inexpensive.

For zoos, many of which operate , the benefits are obvious: globally accessible streams mean international publicity for the zoos and their missions, which could translate into in-person ticket sales, donations, and memberships.

Their widespread popularity with the general public isn’t actually surprising, though—in fact, it may be evolutionarily hardwired., in parallel with the rise of zoos and early conservation movements in the mid-19th century.

Construction started in 1968 and was completed in 1971. Nikole Pašića: if you move this cam to the right you'll see the ice skating rink, which is always illuminated by colorful lights at night :) Beograd: this cam shows a beautiful view of the new part of the city, specially at night, when the buildings are all lit up Ciganlija: this cam is cooler during daytime and specially during summer, when the river island and its beaches are crowded with people.


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