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Nouveau drame, à peine trois semaines après la noyade d'un enfant de 9 ans le 5 août dernier.

Un couple de retraités s'est noyé mercredi sur l'île d'Oléron, en Charente-Maritime.

" The Philippine Daily Inquirer takes the cake for its bold pronouncement that "Death came before dawn." And then there's the Manila Bulletin's "No delay in execution." As we all know by now, Veloso is alive and well as the Indonesian government had a change of mind, or heart if you will. Do the newspapers deserve all the bashing they're getting? But before we bash the papers, we really need to have a bit of understanding as to how the newspaper business works. The papers didn't receive the scoop on the Veloso case before printing time so they had to work with what they already have: bits and pieces of information from the day before.Depuis la fin de ma 3ème je vais en cours à contre cœur et avec un poids au ventre.


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