Clinical research of accommodating intraocular lens

When the ciliary muscle contracts, the lens thickens, becoming more curved for added magnification for clear near vision.In a young eye, accommodation is essentially instantaneous and effortless.In the study group, the mean distance corrected near acuity (Jaeger) was 5.43 ± 0.98 (SD) (range 4 to 7) at 7 days, 2.33 ± 0.48 (range 2 to 3) at 1 and 3 months, and 3.66 ± 2.12 (range 2 to 7) at 6 months.In the control group, the mean distance corrected near acuity was 7.43 ± 0.50 (range 7 to 8) during the entire follow-up.It is a precondition attached to each project.” The smart lens technology involves non-invasive sensors, microchips and other miniaturized electronics that are embedded within contact lenses.Novartis’ interest in this technology focuses in two areas: At the sixth annual Ophthalmology Innovation Summit @ AAO last year, Brian Otis, Ph D, project Co-Founder of Google[x], the unit now known as Google Life Sciences, explained that the smart contact lens meets all requirements of a Google[x] project.


When the ciliary muscle is relaxed, the lens flattens to enable clear distance vision.Traditional lenses for cataract patients are monofocal, meaning they offer clear distance vision, but that patients must wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly things that are close to them, such as a newspaper.


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