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Alex used to be a member of Introvert Social, a Toronto-based group for self-described “introverts” who discover one another on the Web. “I’m not interested in online interaction; I want people to meet in person,” says Buxton, who discovered the club after splitting up with her fiancé, and credits it with helping rekindle her social life. It’s just where people log on to RSVP for the next event.” The event that Alex RSVP’d to was at Caffé Demetre, a sundae shop on Bloor Street West in The Kingsway that features fluorescent lighting, ’50s music and kitsch.The group has 780 members, a population that’s doubled since Aimee Buxton, a 30-year-old designer, took over its reins last year. It was the first time Alex had been to an Introvert Social function, and he immediately captured the waitress’s eye.There’s a good variety of dishes here, from Italian comfort food, to Asian cuisine, to paring dishes with beer.But they sell out fast so if you’re interested make sure you book well in advance.But sometimes we get stuck in the same old routine, and we need a change in our activities.Psychologists believe that engaging in adventurous activities can tighten the bond between loved ones, so maybe a fresh experience is exactly what you need.

They offer monthly furniture-specific workshops where you can learn apply various techniques and minimal materials to make an old piece of furniture look completely new.

Whether you go out every Friday with your sweetheart or you’re trying to work up the courage to ask out someone new, try a cooking class next time there’s a call for romance.

After all, when you’re trying to spice things up, the best place to start is the kitchen.

It can be hard to keep coming up with good ideas for date night.

Going out for a meal is a classic standby, but nothing is worse than those awkward moments when conversation dwindles.“She asked why we were there, and we told her, and she joined the group and then contacted him,” Buxton recalls.


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