Dating a tall girl

Image Source: Santabant If you are a tall guy, dating a tall girl is quite normal for you.Some guys who aren’t so tall think twice before dating a tall girl.Whatever she wears, a tall girl will always look lovely.In fact, the fashion industry itself is built around tall and slim models.


I was embarrassed by the height discrepancy and I’d guilt her about it.

That’s why most tall girls intimidate short guys and even other girls.

Tall girls are always noticeable and have a good head on their shoulders.

I remember back when I was in the 10 grade, one of my teachers actually came up to me and said I should stop growing any taller if I ever want to find a husband!


As a tall girl, when you get such ridiculous comments on a daily basis and see all your short friends bagging all those hot guys out there, it can get difficult to find someone who isn’t intimidated by your height.

They believe that they are going against the norms.


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