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For more communication activities and games, please see our book Growing Together.For a PDF version of the following games, please click here. IMPACT: Communication, icebreaker, fun RISK: Low GROUP SIZE: Unlimited; 12 - 15 is a good size TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes DIRECTIONS: Spirit of Play, used with permission.Communication is a key ingredient in any team environment.Here are some of our most popular activities that emphasize communication between participants.Let’s say you are at the bar and you see a girl you want to talk to. Or suppose you are at a dinner party and you notice a girl who happens to be sitting with a couple gentlemen who catches your attention. You can observe the way he relates to you to gage his level of interest and extent of investment in the girl.


To strengthen them effectively, get help with some communication games for couples. For the rest of the world, life remains the same, and relationships have much more than just love to take care about.If you are "in communication" with your partner, your relationship works.


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