Dating hawaiian cattle ranchers

The animals were in poor condition after the long sea voyage and Kamehameha immediately put them under kapu (taboo) and freed them to range the island. In 1816, John Palmer Parker, a western advisor to Kamehameha, married royal granddaughter Kipikane and was awarded two acres of land for .He was given permission to wrangle the maverick cows that had thrived and multiplied, overrunning the range by the thousands.

The viral and bacterial pathogens causing BRD, which often are present in healthy groups of cattle, aggressively attack the respiratory system following the stresses associated with weaning, loading, shipping and acclimating to a new environment.

Hawaii Island has an unexpected heritage, a rich “cowboy culture” more than a century old, centered in the upcountry ranchlands of Waimea and North Kohala.


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