Dating hygene

That’s why we polled ladies and doctors alike to create a list of the top hygiene hiccups men make. We’re also giving you the best ways to nix them.) Yes, it's typically a problem your grandpa has to deal with—hair starts growing in weird places once you're old enough to get the senior discount at the movies.But some dudes are born with a furry schnoz, and nothing turns her off more than that tuft poking out of the bat cave.Men are very visual, and the majority of men report they will not consider dating you long term if they have concerns about your hygiene.


Or should you just get on with it and try to recapture the moment? After all, we all have our benchmarks as far as ‘clean’ is concerned. We asked women how they feel about male hygiene, what they'd put up with, what would make them run, and what, surprisingly, they find attractive. Amanda, 25, was too embarrassed to admit it on Facebook, but she loves sweaty guys: "I LOVE sweaty dudes.Sweating in the sweltering heat or because we’re have sex, hot," says Jen, 33. Really I just need to be able to breathe," says Rachael, 25."I can't even with dirty guys. So, yeah, he's-- we've been taking showerstogether recently, which is, like, mmm,'cause I just think he, like, wants me to shower more,so that's cool. He's like, "Let's get in."I'm like, "Whoo." He's just, like, scrubbingmy back a little too much. " He's like, "No, you havea foot fungus, "and you should getthis looked at.


" He's like, "Let's getyour feet first." I'm like,"Okay, all right." And I was like, "Do you have,like, a foot fetish?

If he doesn't floss and brush regularly, I'm gone," says Lizzie, 34. The men's cologne industry seems to be thriving after all."My husband is pretty good about his hygiene from an actual HYGIENE standpoint. I DO wish that he spent about two more minutes on his hair because that extra two minutes would take him from hot to MEGA hot, but I also know that he's not a fashion dude. there's a wishful thinking aspect, but he's presentable and not smelly so I can't complain," says Colleen, 30."I'd been smelling Bleu de Chanel for months and loved it. It smells far better in my magazine than it does on my man.


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