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Főleg neten szoktam olvasni fanficeket és mangákat (kézben is) de szeretem a fantasy, krimi és horror témájú könyveket. A kultúrát és a nyelvet is nagyon szeretem, már két éve tanulok japánul, és ezzel is szeretnék foglalkozni egyetemen és azon túl.1. Kon Ichi/Ichi Kon ~ Höhö, nem vagyok ám perverz (annyira)5. Aizen Gin ~ Kitamura Koume munkái után inkább no comment...És még sorolhatnám.1.Muraki Tsuzuki ~ Második kedvencem a Grimm Ichi után2. Sanji has repelled love for his entire life as countless events destroyed his trust in it.Infuriated by the rising number of "suicide bluffs", the three most senior samurai of the clan—Yazaki Hayato, Kawabe Umenosuke, and Omodaka Hikokuro—persuaded Saitō to force Motome to follow through and kill himself.Upon examining Motome's swords, their blades were found to be made of bamboo.



So between choosing rubber bridesmaid dresses and worrying about the photo shoots, Eloise finally asks the question: Hey--whose wedding is it anyway?is a Japanese jidaigeki (period-drama) film directed by Masaki Kobayashi.The story takes place between 16 during the Edo period and the reign of the Tokugawa shogunate.Akit pedig érdekel a Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang (a Sámán Király manga folytatása) az nézzen be erre az oldalamra: Na ennyi lenne magamról, bye-bye Introduction: english version Hi all! It takes a lot to be the bigger person, especially when it involves having to actually talk to your most hated enemy.


The most important thing about me that I'm a huge Bleach and yaoi fangirl. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it anyway.Mainly I like the manga better but I like the anime and the movie either. Kisu Ichi ~ Urahara x Ichigo They're just too cute together! Ren Bya ~ I haven't any problem with Bya Ren but... (Rated M for graphic smut and disturbing themes.)"Break him," said Aizen, and Grimmjow would later honestly report to him that Kurosaki Ichigo had never screamed louder in his entire life.


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    Stephen broke up with Kristin in 2004 and started dating Lauren but the relationship lasted only for a year.

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    It is a systematic pattern of coercive behaviors intended to punish, gain and maintain control of the victim.

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    Orgasm Denial Training Programs are a great way to learn about orgasm denial, and experience the pleasure of being controlled and denied by one Cock Control Mistress up to fifteen Mistresses at a time, or more!

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    Adult SEX personals community - meet singles, Sexy swingers, look for women and men or married couples. lets see..pretty sexy i think...i am funny..pretty outgoing..i love to have fun.... Although I especially like to play the submissive role in erotic role plays.

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    I am looking for someone who is ready to have a serious relationship, someone who is not going to play games here. I like men who know what they want from life, confident and goal-oriented.

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    The Redress Control Number is the record identifier for people who apply for redress through the DHS Travel Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP).

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