So to spread some human kindness, I uploaded photographs of ten of gaming’s most disgusting creatures to prove to them that beauty comes in all forms.Her skin may be literally peeling away from her irradiated muscles, but this ghoul from Fallout 3 still has some wonderful features.Her slender form meets all Western demands of body image, and those lips are so full no doubt we could easily assemble a queue of willing partners just waiting to steal a kiss.


Facebook introduced chatbots to Messenger last year, starting with retailers, restaurant chains and service providers, greasing the skids for them to sell products to customers.It's time for a bot to step up and relieve us of our burdens! Dating bot handles everything from breaking the news to your soon-to-be-ex and any followup pushback/questions/anger/guilt they may try to burden you with.The bot handles it all for you, and even helps to block your new ex so they can't bother you anymore.Facebook’s API is open-source so anyone can create a chatbot for their platform and Facebook has updated the service to use less text speak and more clickable menus.

In the UK, Match joins other branded Facebook Messenger bots including Pizza Express, Vogue magazine and white pages of messaging apps,” citing 1.2 billion people currently using it monthly.

Abbie Oguntade, VP Regione Europa Nord a Regno Unito, ha detto a Marketing Week: risente della concorrenza di altri siti d’incontri come Plenty of Fish, e per cui deve mantenere uno standard che crei stupore, interesse ed attrattiva e per farlo non rinuncia ad essere sorprendente. Ma crede che l’innovazione non sia tutta incentrata esclusivamente sulle dinamiche online e ritiene che la politica di di non affidarsi esclusivamente a questo aspetto sia da ritenersi piuttosto un punto di forza.


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