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Everybody admires her, but herself cannot even look straight at her face in the mirror.

It seems like no one cares for her, like she never had true friends at all, seems like not even love wants to exist in her life.

The baristas are calling the drink’s pink dye ‘Unicorn Blood’.

Some baristas spend upwards of 10 minutes scrubbing their hands to ​New research has shown that beards are filled with fecal bacteria and as dirty as toilets.

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It doesn’t matter how many friends she has on Facebook and how many comments she gets on her pictures, the truth is that she’s still alone, sad and absent…of the time.


Radioactive substances give off protons (positive particles) and neutrons (neutral particles) at a steady rate.Up to twenty people of both sexes can attend a speed dating event at one time where they will get to speak to everyone in turn.


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    The best travel shorts have pockets with zippers and/or velcro keeping them shut. How many expatriates live and work in Manila making loads, and go out hitting the piss in Malate/Makati every other weekend... I like to really experience culture when I travel, but is it a bad idea for me to tell people that I'm Filipino? Family always insists on how dangerous it is, but I sort of want to do it anyway and I'm not sure how much of their fear is just from being people that don' travel.

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    He is a professionally trained archaeologist with an interest in dating methods.

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    Managing External Identity Sources Certificate Authentication Profiles Adding or Editing a Certificate Authentication Profile Microsoft Active Directory Key Features of the Integration of Cisco ISE and Active Directory Integrating Cisco ISE with Active Directory Enabling Active Directory Debug Logs Supplemental Information Configure Group Policy in Active Directory Configure Odyssey 5.

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    Mike for the foxtrot on the season 12 premiere which landed them the lowest scores of the night.

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