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So if PLO/Fatah is helping Iran destroy Israel, the US governments behavior is quite interesting.

About the future PLO/Fatah state, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states: I think it's important to make peace with the Palestinians. Consistent with this, Netanyahu is rushing to give PLO/Fatah its independent state, and has even put Jerusalem on offer.

Anthony High School, Minneapolis: "I went to an all girl school, so we had to ask the boys." Dianne and her date married "many, many years later," she said.


Willemssen says he was shy in high school and this was his only real date: "I decided to go big or go home. The theme was "Imagine" and the prom was held in the school gym.Or you try to leave the situation but always end up returning to it. Through whatever you do together – eating, traveling, working, talking – the connection strengthens. Soul ties can be formed by the words of your mouth. Think of what it really means when you say statements such as: “I will never stop loving you.” “You will always be the only one I love.” “I will never get you out of my heart.” “You’re the only one I will ever give my love to.” “Nobody will ever take your place in my life.” Can you just imagine how much power these words yield? Soul ties are formed any time and every time there is intimacy in a relationship. Soul ties prevent us from moving on to new relationships, even the ones God may be leading us into. The divorce is over, a new marriage is pursued, but one spouse keeps being drawn back to his or her ex-husband or ex-wife. James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” A double-minded person is one with a divided soul. Do you want to move on with your life but are struck in random moments of missing your ex-boyfriend?


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