Dropdownlist selected value not updating is megan nicole dating anyone

We are interested in moving back to Polymer's dropdowns again in the future.

This is the same as the issue described here: Polymer/paper-dropdown-menu#31 I am still seeing the behavior in the latest version (1.2.1), and the workaround on the old ticket no longer works without setting the specified property to I suppose I didn't explain that very well.

I'm guessing incrementing selected Item past the end of the list is a bad idea. Hopefully I can hook up a proper observer instead of just using a timer.

Unfortunately the property that drives the list is actually being modified in a different component and is being passed through a few components via data binding.

The only way to get the correct label is to select something else and then reselect the original item.

My concern with the first option is that our list is dynamic and could potentially only contain only one item.


So, the solution that works for me is to program the Grid View’s Updating Row Event.I have modified the example to illustrate the issue:



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