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But her harsh childhood memories were always in the back of her mind, she says.In March 2013, she believed she found a solution to her lack of self-esteem: She asked Fresno cosmetic surgeon Dr.“What people realize and experience once they’re in a socially nude situation on a cruise with two or three thousand people is that [nude cruisers] are really comfortable in their own skin,” says Nancy Tiemann of Bare Necessities Tour and Travel, a travel agency that specializes in chartering all-nude cruises aboard major cruise line ships. And what do cruise ships do about all those naked people sitting bare-assed on the furniture?“We’ve sailed on just about every major cruise line.” That’s all great. Fortunately, people willing to walk around naked among 3,000 also-naked strangers tend not to shy away from delicate questions.Though prudish local ordinances override our state’s otherwise lax approach to public nudity, there’s one special place where you can let it all hang out: Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area.


If she put butter on her vegetables, her mother would say, “That’s gross.” If she gained weight, her mother would pinch her and call her “pig” and “white trash.” Years later, the former Clovis resident became a well-known photographer in San Francisco.As you sit in your clothes reading this magazine on a humid summer day, I’d like to bring your attention to the surprising fact that public nudity is legal in New Jersey.Even über-liberal New York only allows toplessness.Plan the trip with your closest friends, your partner, or, for a truly Zen experience, by yourself. As we trekked from our car to the beach (still clothed), a man who had parked nearby followed along at a similar pace. “You can see New York pretty well from here,” said our new friend.

Indeed, the Manhattan skyline loomed in the distance, towering over Brooklyn’s warehouses. “There’s some pretty good male specimens here.” “Oh, really? “Good to know.” After a long stretch of sand and silence, we neared our destination.

Marcelle makes a welcome return today with the companion piece shoot to her ISM video.


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