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Brenda Thompson is a “Seasoned Swirler” – she’s been Swirling like a Rock Star – and with Rock Stars since the early 70’s!

Sullivan's Steakhouse1928 South Blvd., 704-335-8228Drinks are surprisingly inexpensive at Sullivan's, the 1940s-themed steakhouse on South Boulevard.

Life Tips is the place to go when you need to know about Relationship tips and hundreds of other topics. Make any requests of your partner clear and direct.

Long term relationships require care and work to maintain closeness. A sense of trust is present when each person feels safe to be open, honest and genuine. Relationships are not meant to be a tug of war against each other. Addressing differences one at a time helps avoid bad feelings spoiling a good relationship. This applies to the work involved as well as the power dynamics between the couple. It is not okay to blame someone for your failure to assert yourself.

The conclusions you make will be based on your past experiences vs. A good relationship can be formed, however, by showing empathy and compassion to your partner.

Compassion shares similarities with love but goes beyond it.

His mother gave the wedding her blessing to his face, but then complained behind his back to siblings.

Next she was declining her invitation, and the rest of the family followed suit.


Besides the stereotype that dating outside your race is an experiment or, worse, a fetish, you have to deal with questions, concerns, and straight-up disapproval from friends and family. There's a moving, first-person account in today's Guardian about a British-Pakistani man who married a white, Christian woman despite his family's insistence he marry Muslim.The introduction should provide general information that will be included in the article.


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