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The Chapel of St Bartholomew or St Bart's Chapel is a medieval Roman Catholic chapel located in Rabat, Malta.It is the only remaining chapel in town dating back from the Middle Ages.At that point the church invited him to stay on as Interim Pastor, but gave him the title "Acting Pastor," which allowed him to be considered for the role of Pastor.

Following that we will have our regular Adult Education Class () and Worship Service () as usual.

De Tour Village maintains this wooded cemetery on behalf of our residents. Walking through this calming niche, you will see grave markers identifying many founding families of De Tour Village. Bob Hill Cemetery is one of five small cemeteries in De Tour Township, and is located on a small knoll behind the Michigan Department of Conservation building off M-134 at the south end of De Tour Village.

Located 3 miles west of town out South Caribou Lake Rd ("The South Road"), this simple, quiet graveyard offers comfort to our local community. Sacred Heart Catholic (SHC) Cemetery is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Marquette, and is one of five small cemeteries in De Tour Township.

It is a part-time position in a small but growing congregation.


Pastor Bill teaches a Wed night Bible Study (currently studying the OT book of Genesis, which will finish on Mar 18), leads a Sat night prayer meeting, teaches an adult education Sunday School class (currently studying Colossians), and preaches on Sun morning during the worship service.It looks like we don't have a specific address for Cavallino Bianco, which makes giving directions tricky.


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