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Ciudad Juarez has gained global notoriety over the past two decades: first for a glut of gruesome killings of young women, and then for an epidemic of violence wrought by the region’s drug gangs.Now, the infamous Mexican border town may become known for yet another variety of murder.The most accepted theory explains that the name was derived from the Nahuatl language meaning "The place where the water of the rivers meet" (i.e., "confluence", cf. Today Chihuahua serves as an important commercial route prospering from billions of dollars from international trade as a result of NAFTA.Is there are a thread on Paola the knockout edecanes girl that is all over the alley ? For an instant upgrade click on the Donate box on the header and complete the form. If you don't think that you can handle reading different viewpoints/opinions from various members on some sensitive subjects in this forum then don't enter. Forum Password: Won't Argue As adults we can agree to disagree on heated items.


Police are searching for a killer who witnesses described as middle-aged, with a dark complexion and blonde hair – possibly wearing a wig – and who last week murdered two bus drivers on the same route on successive days.

Since then, she has paid for seven or eight trips there, photographing more than 100 women over three years — long enough to get to know the women, to watch them be destroyed by drugs or fall victim to gang violence. All proceeds will go to the Coalition Against Trafficking Women, an international relief organization, and the Mother Antonia Center of the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemers, a center run by nuns who work with women fleeing the brothels. Her arms are covered with heroin marks, and these started getting infected because she used whatever needles she could get her hands on. We paid them the same amount a john would, about to .

As women went missing, girls as young as 15 arrived to take their place. She spoke with us about her work and her hopes for redemption. I wanted to do a work about immigration, to show the trajectory of the immigrants as they are trying to cross into the United States. And even if they would, the journey is done during the night, so a quality picture would require a flash. She’s been told if she doesn’t stop, they will need to remove her arms. Maria Lourdes Aguero, a former sex worker, introduced me to the women and talked to the gangs, to the cartel, and she basically told them I’m an artist, that I’m not a reporter. Then, I went with a social worker, Blanca Cerceda, who was affiliated with the nuns who help them. Even though we offered to pay them for a half-hour or 45 minutes, they didn’t want to stay. Then she started sobering up really quickly, and she started telling us that her son was shot in the neck.

His capture gives President Enrique Pena Nieto yet another victory against the country's major drug traffickers at a time of national outrage over fears that 43 students were killed by a police-backed gang.

The United States had offered a million reward for information leading to the capture of the 51-year-old drug lord, whose arrest came just a week after the capture of Hector Beltran Leyva, head of the Beltran-Leyva crime family.

I would be basically exposing the people I wanted to help. They took me to this part of town I wasn’t familiar with, and I was shocked. This was not what I pictured when I heard “sex worker.” When I saw this, I said, “This is important.” As I started investigating, I realized people all over the world have similar circumstances. They were scared the other girls might steal their steady clients. That’s the thing with the drugs: Coming down, they return to reality, and they don’t like it. Alexis is 20 and addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.



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