Ladder dating


Ask the class what is there about love that makes it difficult to define?(Some answers may be: There are many types of love.The ladder represents our willingness to “date” someone.For instance, the higher someone is on the ladder, the more likely we are to date them.Students will be able to explore their feeling on love. Then as a class talk about love and infatuation, and what the differences are.Students will learn about the Ladder of Love and write a love poem of their own.This will give them the time they need to write down what love is.

The teacher may want to play some love music to set the mood.Detailed explanation of The Ladder Theory is on the website: Please be aware the language on this site can be (very) strong and it has a similarly strong male-bias.On some building sites in Sweden you are only allowed to use products labelled “Bra Arbetsmiljöval - A Good Choice for Safe Work”.

The labelling was developed to increase the safety for anyone working at heights and it means that beyond the requirements for a type approval the products also meet a number of additional requirements.

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