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As president of Birkbeck College, chair of the Wellcome Book Prize and a member of the Fawcett Society, she described work as a great energiser. She also said she thought the welfare state had been "aborted" since Margaret Thatcher. Then it imploded because everybody got greedy," she added.

: Connie Reid is a cultured bohemian of the upper-middle class.



My mother’s generation regarded it as a badge of honour not to work, to marry someone who had enough of an income to keep them.” She has described a fear of becoming “a Victor Meldrew” in old age and is an advocate of older people working as long as they can. Lady Bakewell also spoke out against the trend of students seeking to ban controversial speakers or remove unwelcome statues. “I am against hate speech, but banning things is dangerous, a step towards taking out the books and burning them.” She called Jeremy Corbyn "a child" and said she had not voted for him.Finally, Mellors uses taboo words feely and teaches them to Connie – the implication being that a woman of her class would not know such words.


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