Lunch actually dating agency singapore

We have been running fun, interactive and enriching events since August .We are the first to come up with the wildly popular Chocolate Fondue Speed-Dating, Go-Kart Speed-dating, Sake Appreciation and Shochu Appreciation.Company Mission: We aim to be the premium socializing platform for individuals to grow their network and for corporations to enrich their human asset through relationship bonding activities and lifestyle events.Slogan: Enriching Connections Benefits of Social Events Clique2click believe that social events are the most effective yet professional way of getting to know new friends and strengthen relationship.No last names are shared when the dating consultant pitches the respective profiles to both parties, but really, how many bloggers out there in Singapore are called Cheryl and write about sports/motorsports?– these were some of the tips that my consultant shared prior to the date.One last check in the car reflection, one last spray of perfume, one deep breath and let’s rock and roll. I flashed my brightest smile and took his chilly hand into a handshake, before trying to settle down into the circular bench in my short dress without showing off more than I should be.



Violet Lim: In Hong Kong, more people are spending more hours at work and therefore, they tend to get married later and later in life.

This is according to a biennial regional survey conducted among 1,900 people in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia by dating agency Lunch Actually in January.


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