Oberlin college dating scene

My professors have treated me with intellectual respect, are affirming of my ideas while still challenging them and always are dedicated to facilitating growth.” – Nora Cooper, Africana Studies/English major, Class of 2017 “I really enjoy the atmosphere and love how everyone seems to have a cause to rally around.

As much as it’s important to maintain good grades, I know I’ve learned more from my friends and peers than any class I’ve taken.

The school offers just about every major imaginable.

And when students aren't studying, they can carouse in one of the gayest cities in the world.

There are so many things to go to, take advantage of as many musical, theater, art, athletic, and club events as you can and you will be happy as a clam. If you're not drinking you could be, sledding, urban climbing, tightrope walking, movie screening, running, playing video games, studying, at a movie, out to Cleveland, baking, making dorm mischief, dance party! Hardcore loud crowded parties definitely happen if you're into that, but there is no Greek life. There is always some performance going on- often several.

Once you find friends who’ll be there for you, you’re golden.” – Randy Stopa, Politics major, Class of 2018 “I really love the education that I’m getting at Oberlin – not just from my classes but daily interactions with students outside of classroom, too.



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