Office communicator presence not updating


I tried duplicating this functionality on another box but the colored ball, or the band, never appears.So I'm guessing that this user turned something on but I have no idea what. The seamless communication is made possible by OCS storing user contact lists by unique-id instead of SIP address.


The thought of changing an important attribute like the SIP address made me a bit uneasy and wondering what the impact would be.

The issue is documented in this support KB article: Presence status isn’t updated based on Exchange calendar in Lync 2013.

In a nutshell there is an issue with the integration between the Lync 2013 client and Exchange which impacts the synchronization between the Lync 2013 client and the Outlook calendar information (such as “in a meeting”) and the Out-Of-Office status.

Once the user downloaded the newer address book and updated his own contact card with the correct information, then everyone else saw the correct title.

Basically, what the user sees in their Lync or Communicator client is what everyone else will see despite what is in the address book.squares beside names) there are several possible issues: UPDATED January 18 2017 – If you have Mitel Mi Collab make sure you read items 1 & 5. I recently installed Mitel Mi Collab software had not noticed that the presence icons in Outlook had disappeared about the same time.


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