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In the 1920s the Pullman Company bought and expanded the industrial complex for its southeast repair facility.

Many of the industrial buildings, characterized by brick clad and riveted iron skeleton construction built by Pratt Engineering, and the brick clad reinforced concrete buildings built by Pullman Company remain on the site.

An all steel car provided significant improvements in safety to rail travelers.

Other amenities of the newly built cars included electric lights, steam heat, and arched windows.

However, many groups have expressed interest in the property and in some cases the buildings.

Proposals have ranged from the now defunct MARTA’s Modified Concept C rail extension to South De Kalb, to soccer fields and commercial uses and to the Georgia Museum of Transportation and Industry.

Their mission is to provide high quality products and services to their customers and a harmonious and rewarding work environment for their employees.

His father Scott Adams and a few others founded the company.


K-12 education for children with disabilities is widely available, but there are few opportunities for children when they finish.Ethan told us how he even answered a phone call from a customer as a toddler, with his uncle quickly intervening.Ethan spoke about the history and background of VMRD, which serves veterinary laboratories, vaccine manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.It's a masterpiece of engineering, a quantum leap over its opposition, and redefines the word opulence.' - Classic & Sportscar magazine.

By the commencement of the 1960s, Mercedes-Benz's ever-expanding model range was lacking in only one department: a super prestige saloon to rival the Grosser Mercedes of the past.Community theatre in Pullman has a long and colorful history dating back to the building of the Pullman Auditorium in the 1890s. Although there is evidence of community theatre activity in the 1930s, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that a renaissance occurred under the twenty year leadership of Cal Watson.



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