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After all, ten years is surely enough time to see some changes.

Heck, I know people that have gotten married, had a kid or two and gotten divorced within two years alone.

I'm sure you won't even know I'm there." I tell him and shove my placement card hard into his chest and walk past him into the hall.

I make my way to the back of the hall, in the corner where my table could cause a massive drama and no one would know.

Take a look back in time & discuss the changes of the industry here.

Search Wars: Battle Of The Search Superpowers Search Day, April 29, 2004 We’ve long had competition in search, so why are we hearing so much about the search wars now?

While some of his peers have shunned Wall Street as the land of the morally bankrupt, Trigg’s moral code steered him there. To an emerging class of young professionals in America and Britain, making gobs of money is the surest way to save the world.

When you ask Trigg where he got the idea, his answer is a common refrain among this crowd: “I feel like I’d read stuff by Peter Singer.”if philosophy is so important, then selling itself to the culture at large is important too.



Here are four reasons I’m skipping my high school reunion: My best friend and I have been on different continents since graduation yet we’ve managed to have our annual winter outing in addition to a long stream of emails and Skype conversations.

(The answer: accountant, as this profession seems to have claimed a good 40 percent of my graduating class).

Before the expansion of technology, school reunions used to be a way to check up on our former classmates after dispersing on our mutual paths after graduation.

"They didn't want you coming to the wedding." I say to them bluntly."You're right." Monty pipes up after a second, earning a disapproving look from his wife."If you'll excuse me, I need some fresh air." I tell them and leave the table in silence.


I weave my way through the people dancing and out to the hall, leaning on the entrance table.

I flipped the card over a few times just to make sure I was seeing the right thing and shrugged. Then messaged to say you weren't coming, and then again to say you were unsure." He exclaims."Yeah well I decided to come.



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