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No need to sit home anymore, give us some ideas for fun activities and we will make it happen.

Our goal is to have an environment where everyone is welcomed and feels comfortable. We are a social group enabling singles to find friends and enjoy activities. We now charge an annual membership fee of .00 to cover administrative fees, membership fees, and supplies.

A grand jury proceeding can be used to force individuals and companies to produce documents or give testimony. You won't know what happens in a grand jury investigation until it is too late.

Many times people are summoned to testify or provide documents to a grand jury and do so without consulting an attorney.

She liked his positive attitude and the way he made people feel good about themselves.

Such was the trust Lang gained from her in a short period of time, she didn’t think twice about bailing Lang out when he was arrested in late August in Sonoma County for yet another financial scam, this one involving a longtime friend of the Lang family.

He has tried more than 70 cases to verdict, judgment or binding arbitration award. This is the eighth consecutive year that he has been so honored by Best Lawyers.



Don't take the chance that you are the target or that something you say, or don't say may end up landing you in prison. The grand jury process is a complex and mysterious institution dating back to the 10th century with arcane rules and procedures.The purpose of this group is to build lasting friendships, sharing ideas, encourage participation, have fun and enjoy events and activities with like minded people.


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