Small talk dating


Small talk gets a bum rap as an enterprise for the shallow, the callow, and the dull.

“Life is more meaningful than the weather,” the modern high priests of depth tell us.

Knowing how to make small talk is important to meeting new friends.

But small talk isn't just about chatting about weather.

Small talk subjects often include the weather or what you do for a living, but another strategy is to talk about something around you.

You might try a simple introduction by way of ice breaker ("Hi.

After a bad breakup, Boomer overhears a couple on a first date chatting about bus routes and the rain.


This reduces tension and tells the other person you are open to a conversation.Preparing for conversation doesn’t mean doing a month’s worth of reading while taking notes just for an evening of cocktails.Prepare small talk for your event by coming up with two or three topics you would feel comfortable talking about if there is a lull in the conversation.Why can’t we replace small talk with big talk and ask each other profound questions right from the start?

Replace mindless chatter about commuting times with a conversation about our weightiest beliefs and most potent fears?Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re on a date. You can steer away from broadsiding that disaster, and it’s easier than you think.


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