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If you want to customize some functions and attributes, please contact me. 2016.7.23-v1.1.0.15 Fixed the bugs create and set user to OU which contains special char like /.

If you think it is helpful, please donate a little. AD Bulk Admin Tool Web Site is the premier Vo IP and Asterisk wiki on the web.

Moreover, an in-depth knowledge of Active Directory and Active Directory management is an essential requirement to accomplish these tasks.

ADManager Plus is a web-based software that allows you to create and manage multiple user accounts in the Active Directory in a single action.

The following screen image will give you an idea of some of the additional features in the Active Editor. Current Attribute Information - When an attribute is clicked on, the Editor will display the AD schema information, showing the data type and any length restrictions placed on the attribute.


Update history: 20-v1.1.0.16 Fixed some small bugs, changed Settings design, can sort attributes when checking users, creating new users and setting users.

If an attribute cannot be modified, either due to directory restrictions, or limitations of the Editor, another status line will appear indicating that the attribute cannot be changed. Navigation - The Editor can be navigated by either clicking on any cell, or using one of the various navigation shortcuts: As the current active column changes the header will indicate whether the column can be updated. Editing - No editor would be complete without flexible methods of making changes.

An attribute can be changed by simply changing the value, and pressing Enter, or moving to another cell.

For even more importing capabilities, including creating new Active Diretory objects, look into Hyena's Active Task feature.

The 'Editor' builds its initial data contents from any Active Directory query results in Hyena's right window.

Since any AD query can be created or customized in Hyena, you are in complete control over which directory attributes are displayed and can be modified in the Editor.



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