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It’s easy to play, sounds good, and the design is always a conversation starter.

Washburn History The Washburn brand was introduced in the late 1880s by Lyon & Healy to produce quality stringed instruments for the ever-expanding distributor.


The Washburn N4 is an electric guitar model, developed in collaboration between Nuno Bettencourt, Washburn and the Seattle-based luthier Stephen Davies.

Demand grew rapidly, and during the 1900s the company was producing up to 100 Washburn instruments per day.

Lyon & Healy—along with Washburn— was eventually overtaken by the Tonk Bros.

Also, the Equis electronics no longer work, and I’m hoping you have some advice on how to get it fixed. David Bloomington, Illinois Hey David, Cool guitar—I actually have one just like it!

This was my first acoustic, and it was a great guitar to learn on.

That logo reproduces a tattoo Bettencourt has on his left arm.



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