Who is cha cha eke dating

The beautiful Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye, has been married since 2011 to Mr Uzoma who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Many don't know she is married talk less of being a mother, she has a 5-year-old twin boys.

She claimed the actress looked distasteful in the photo asking what has happened to African culture concerning pregnant mothers.

Chika Nancy Ike (born November 8, 1985) is a UN Ambassador, a Nigerian actress and the CEO of Fancy Nancy Collections.

Honestly, I was not casted for any role in the movie but as production progressed, two female members of the cast failed to make it.

As a friend and a mentor who had always believed in me, he gave me the slot.

She had her basic education at ESUT Nursery & Primary School in Ebonyi State, and completed her secondary school education at Our Lord Shepherd International School in Enugu.

Austin Faani on the other hand, is still relatively new in the Nigerian film industry but is quickly making his name known.Eke was born in Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria, to a middle-class family.



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